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Reading and Phonics

At South Farnborough Infant School we use the Letters and Sounds scheme to teach our children to read and write.

The children call each letter a sound picture because it represents what the spoken sound is like. We call these pure sounds.

We teach the sound pictures in groups, such as fat cat sat, and on the pages below you can listen to how each sound picture should be voiced. The children need to learn how to construct words, which gives the whole process meaning.

The children work systematically through the sound picture groups and we can let you know how far your child has progressed.

Please find below some more information which may help you help your child learn.

Click the links below to listen to the sounds:-

Phase 2 - Early sounds

Phase 3 - More complex sounds

Phase 4 - Blending of adjacent consonant words eg. sand, pond, clap, from.  At the end as in pond and at the beginning as in clap and from.

Phase 5 - Complex sounds including split digraphs eg. a_e as in make.

Enjoy the Break

safe summer
We hope you have a lovely Summer Holiday.  May I wish all the children moving to new schools much luck and enjoyment for the future.

Miss H Fletcher Davies

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"We aim to lay the foundations of a life-long love of learning and, with a strong social and academic framework, to build confident, responsible, creative and independent children."

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