Key InformationVision, Mission and Values Statement

Vision, Mission and Values Statement


Our vision is that our children can join society
as confident, responsible, creative and independent people.


Our mission is to turn the vision into reality
by nourishing the seeds of understanding
and knowledge in our children so that they are
as fully prepared as possible
for a bright and exciting future.


Our core values are:
Safe environment
Exciting curriculum
Engaged learners
Develop to their full potential
Sowing the seeds of success

Safe environment
Towards that end:
  • We ensure our children are respected as individuals and listened to.
  • We will create the learning environment that will nurture each and every one of our young achievers.
  • We hold the safety and security of our children in the highest regard at all times.

Exciting curriculum
Towards that end:
  • We invest time and energy in our teachers. In turn they invest their time and energy in our children.
  • We understand that each child requires individual attention and that each child’s learning path is different.
  • We ensure that all are kept up to date on the latest developments.

Engaged learners
Towards that end:
  • We ensure that the teaching environment is safe, positive, stimulating and rewarding.
  • We maintain positive and interactive relationships with parents, carers and the wider community.

Develop to their full potential
Towards that end:
  • We provide a broad and a balanced curriculum which is accessible to all children and allows them to fulfill their academic and social potential.
  • We encourage children’s self esteem and develop a respect for all people regardless of race, culture, disability, religion and gender.

Sowing the SEEDS of success
Towards that end:
  • We believe every child is unique
  • We foster an active and positive approach to life and learning where children are confident and have high expectations of themselves.
  • We help children become happy, considerate and responsible young people,  able to regulate their behaviour in all situations.

Enjoy the Break

safe summer
We hope you have a lovely Summer Holiday.  May I wish all the children moving to new schools much luck and enjoyment for the future.

Miss H Fletcher Davies

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School Ethos & Values

"We aim to lay the foundations of a life-long love of learning and, with a strong social and academic framework, to build confident, responsible, creative and independent children."

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