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As a result of all of our work on becoming more sustainable we won the prestigious Ashden Award school category in 2013.  This is an outstanding achievement by being both nationally and internationally renowned, whilst supporting us in being able to lead the way for more schools to follow our footprint.  Well done to all of us!  See how we went about getting the award by reading our Sustainability Targets.  Mrs Hopkins works with schools in the South East to help them replicate our success through delivering the Ashden LESS C02 programme

Less CO2 School Mentoring

Led by Mrs Hopkins we support local schools supported by Ashden to introduce sustainability in the school.  Schools mentored so far include Cove Infants, Heatherside Juniors, Cranford Park, Castle Hill, St Bartholomew's, St Polycarps, St Peters, William Cobbett School.  They have all made positive steps in the right direction in raising awareness in their own schools and wider communities reducing their own carbon footprints.  In 2016, 14 more schools joined the programme to find out what steps they could take to reduce their energy consumption.

School Uniform Sale

4th, 5th, 6th July Skoolkit will be in the School Hall from 2.00 - 3.00 pm
10% discount on the day.

We will also be selling snack bags and PE bags

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School Ethos & Values

"We aim to lay the foundations of a life-long love of learning and, with a strong social and academic framework, to build confident, responsible, creative and independent children."

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