Our SchoolStaffStaff Organisational Chart

Staff Organisational Chart



Miss H. Fletcher Davies



Mrs K. Lambert

Assistant Head


Mrs K. Lambert (Pufflings)
Year Group Leader Early Years

TA - Mrs D. Ranola

SNA - Mrs J. Martin

TA - Mrs R. Harley Shoveller (pm)


Mrs Parkes / Mrs A. Hopkins (Cygnets)

TA - Ms M. Foley

TA - Mrs N. Lipscomb


Mrs R. Bolton (Ducklings)

TA - Ms L. Clarke

SNA - Mrs L. Gunner



Mrs V. Smith (Skylarks)
Year Group Leader Year 1 

TA - Mrs J. Moore

Mr S. Lambert (Starlings)

TA - Mrs L. Rayment

Mrs Z. Kerner / Mrs L. Coleman (Robins)

TA - Mrs H. Clifford



Miss S. Cootes Year Group Leader Year 2
/ Mrs J. Darnell (Red Kites)

TA - Mrs J. Flaherty
TA - Ms J. Plumridge (all classes)

Mrs R. Carson (Barn Owls)

TA - Miss C. Foster

Miss M. Ogden (Sparrow Hawks)

TA - Mrs A. Johnson
TA - Mrs R. Harley Shoveller (am)




PPA Teachers: Mrs S. Docis (4 days), Mrs J. Grepp-Davies (1 day) 

Special Needs Assistants: Mrs J. Barlow, Mrs L. Rayment, Mrs L. Gunner, Mrs J. Martin

Library Assistant: Mrs J. Griffiths

Senior Admin Officer: Mrs A. Bailey

Senior Admin Assistants: Mrs G. Elliott, Mrs C. Sharman

Admin Assistant: Mrs J. Alexander                ICT Assistant: Mrs J. Loder

School Cook: Mrs N. Douglas

Assistants: Mrs S. Knight, Mrs S. Larbey, Miss T. Harris

Caretakers: Mr A. Malla, Mrs K. Malla (YBC), Mrs X.Q. XU (YBC)

Senior Supervisory Assistant: Mrs J. Martin

Supervisory Assistants: Mrs R. Harley Shoveller, Ms C. Krüger, Mrs S. Rudd, Mrs R. Wyatt, Mrs L. Fenton,
Mrs J. Alexander, Mrs D. Bodova, Mrs J. Clifford, Miss A Hennings, Miss R. Noyes, Mrs H. Ridley, Mrs C Yates

Enjoy the Break

safe summer
We hope you have a lovely Summer Holiday.  May I wish all the children moving to new schools much luck and enjoyment for the future.

Miss H Fletcher Davies

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School Ethos & Values

"We aim to lay the foundations of a life-long love of learning and, with a strong social and academic framework, to build confident, responsible, creative and independent children."

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