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Website Help

Pages missing content or displaying errors

This website uses the Google Doc Viewer to display some PDF content. If somone who uses your computer left a Google account logged in and this session has expired then there is a possibility that these PDF's will not display correctly and you will see a blank area on the screen or an error message. Logging out of the Google account by visiting will clear the problem. Alternatvely you can view the original PDF by clicking on the "Click here to download a copy" link which should be visible on the page. You can then save or view the PDF using the Adobe Acrobat Reader (see below if you need to install it).

Reading PDF documents

The website contains links to numerous PDF documents and you will need to have the Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer in order to be able to view these. It is a free piece of software which can be downloaded by clicking on the image below.

Once you have installed the Acrobat Reader you should be able to view PDF documents directly by simply clicking the relevant link on the website. 


Some of the functionality of this website depends on "javascript". Usually javascript is enabled by default but if it is disabled in your browser then you may see some warnings about this, or find that certain pages (such as photo galleries) do not have complete functionality.

If you need to enable javascript and are unsure how to do it then you may find the information at to be of help.

Reporting problems

If you encounter an error and would like to report it then please see the contact page for details.

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"We aim to lay the foundations of a life-long love of learning and, with a strong social and academic framework, to build confident, responsible, creative and independent children."

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